Inheriting Spanish Assets

Dealing with any estate can be difficult especially after the loss of a loved one. This can often be even more daunting if you are dealing with assets outside of your home country.

The Spanish legal and tax process is often complex when distributing an estate and executors are likely to benefit from using the support of Spanish inheritance lawyers. By using a specialist who knows how to deal with your inherited assets you can gain a thorough understanding of what needs to be done by when, making the executors’ and benefactors’ tasks so much easier.

To help you or your executors manage your inheritance we adopt a simple processproviding clients with an easy and quick-as-possible solution to distributing any assets.

Services include:

  • valuing the Spanish assets
  • calculating if any inheritance tax is due
  • producing relevant paperwork for signing and transferring assets into the beneficiaries’ names
  • assisting you if you decide you wish to sell any of the assets

Benefactors and executors can benefit directly, or we can provide support to legal firms in home countries who are managing the distribution of the wider assets from an estate.

We can help you ensure the assets are distributed as per the wishes of your loved one and by using powers of attorney, and we can act on your behalf without the need for you to come to Spain on a regular basis.

Contact us to calculate your Spanish Inheritance Tax

If you would like us to prepare a calculation of the Spanish inheritance tax that will be payable on death, then please use our Online Calculation Form. There you will need to outline:

  1. List of Spanish assets
  2. Where the assets are located in Spain
  3. Value of Spanish assets
  4. Who are the heirs?

Helping you with Spanish inheritance

Inheritance planning of your Spanish assets

Using our experienced team of qualified English lawyers and Spanish abogados, we are on hand to help you plan in advance.

We can support you with your inheritance planning in Spain by providing a well-thought through, easy to understand service to ensure your wishes will be carried out when the time comes and your heirs do not pay unnecessary taxes or legal fees.

Ensuring heirs of Spanish assets meet their legal and tax implications

Sometimes, despite the best planning in the world people find themselves the recipient of Spanish assets upon the death of a loved one, and are unsure of their legal implications upon receiving the assets.

We can work with you to provide the relevant level of support. This will be dependent on whether the deceased left a will or not and what the assets are – a property, a car, or cash in Spanish bank accounts.

Inheritance planning of your Spanish assets

Helping you to ensure your wishes are carried out.

By planning in advance, our experienced team of English Lawyers and Spanish abogados will help you put together a well-thought through approach, ensuring your heirs do not pay unnecessary taxes or legal fees when the time comes.

Executors and attorneys managing a Spanish estate

We are on hand to provide all the legal assistance you may need related to the assets in Spain.

  • Valuation of the assets
  • Disposal of any assets
  • Helping you to make relevant tax payments to the authorities
  • Powers of attorney can be signed in your home country
  • Bank accounts closed and balances transferred to your home country

Paying inheritance tax in Spain can be...

  • Overwhelming
  • Distressing and emotional
  • A daunting task if you are not fluent in Spanish or familiar with the various authorities
  • Practically difficult if you are unable to come to Spain

Using the team at, we can help to try and ease some of your pain by providing timely, helpful support to enable you to inherit Spanish assets and, if you wish, dispose of the assets or transfer these according to the wishes of your loved ones.

Providing practical advice in Spain when you need it

To ensure the wishes of loved ones are carried out with the minimal level of distress, we offer a practical level of support to heirs, attorneys and executors who have inherited an estate (or who are managing an estate) in Spain. We can be your helping hand in Spain during what we know is a difficult time. Services include:

  • Locating a Spanish Will, should your loved one have signed one
  • Cross border legal advice
  • Putting powers of attorney in place so you do not need to keep coming back to Spain to sign documents
  • Helping you obtain an NIE number which you will need in order to pay any taxes due
  • Obtaining valuations of the assets to provide you with an inheritance calculation for your tax payments
  • Preparing all the necessary paperwork for the local authorities
  • Arranging an appointment with a local Notary in Spain to sign the deed of acceptance of the inheritance
  • Register the assets in your names
  • Liaise with your Spanish bank to close bank accounts and transfer balances to the heirs & executors
  • Instruct banks to pay notary fees and inheritance taxes
  • Work with heirs and executors to help with the valuation and disposal of assets
  • Instruct local tradesmen, estate agents and professionals to manage the Spanish assets
  • Arrange official translations of wills, death certificates and other documents